As mentioned at most of the places in this website, We have built this platform so that everyone can have every possible essay they can think of. This website has a more wider vision than this. That's why we make this page.

Future Aspects

Miriad Collection

This platform is built with a vision to handle not only essays, but poems, stories and other creations of all of you to make this platform an infinite. We thus are working hard to bring it live as early as possible.

Comments visible to all

Every creator would be happy to hear some enthusiastic words about his magic spell. We would thus very soon let the comments of users be visible to everyone who reads the particular article.

EPUB and TXT formats

In this world of growing technology, we would take great care that we reach all the screens we can at the earliest. While some older devices can only support TXT formats, reader devices readily suppport the EPUB format. We would thus bring out EPUB format for longer articles that would make sense for being read on the go.

Known Issues

Error while redirecting

Users might find difficulty in redirecting from login and register pages, if they were previously on the page itself. This might soon be resolved. A work-around as of now is to move on any other page of your choice.

Exicted !!

You must thus check out regularly at our updates blog for any new news of our future aspects meeting the present. We proudly announce them there.

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