We use 000webhost service as our Webhost. Easy and customized service provided by 000webhost is lauded


We use Cloudflare service as our DNS Host. A free SSL and premium services like Always Online have been great milstones for our website.


Google Analytics and Search indexing has helped many folds in maintaining tracks of progress for this website. Google Fonts, the online library for fonts, has made this website look amazing. Google Material Design is the basic inspiration for the design of this website. Though, we do not strictly adhere to the guidelines and make this website to our fantasy. Google Material Icons have been actively used in this website, wherever felt inevitable.


The most basic building block - the CSS Framework - used by this website is MaterializeCSS, inspired by Google Material Design. Helped in quickly building a versatile, responsive website design in no time.

Font Awesome

Some of the icons that this website uses are creditted to Font Awesome. An amazing infinite collection of icons is what every website builder would definitely need. As we downloaded some of the icons as SVGs, a link to the license of Font Awesome is here.


We appreciate the efforts in making a collection of icons on this site as well. Icons made by Smashicons from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


Images on this website are a courtesy to Pexels, a platform for free stock images for any educational or commercial website. They do not even force an attribution on the users. A great team.


Some of the most efficient images on this website are a courtesy to OpenClipart, a library of cliparts open licensed for free personal and commercial use.


Images on this website are hosted on online service postimage. This makes our website lightweight on our webhost. A great effort in online content management.


A website can never work without interaction with the users using emails. We are using Sendgrid to send emails to are users.


We have used Geoplugin to help you check your login activities based on your IP Address.


YOURLS service is used on our website to provide custom short links via our domain edur.ga. You can believe any link from edur.ga to belong to this website.


We use Migadu to receive emails on our domains www.essaydesk.website and edur.ga.

Namecheap & Freenom

Namecheap and Freenom have been a great service to get a domain name from. Domain names here are quite cheap and easy to use.


We use countrycode.io api to get nations flags on the login history page.


Some of the images on this website are taken directly from google search results. If you find any of your copyright images on this website, and feel it should be taken down, Please contact the admin at [email protected] and we would definitely take the image down within four days.

We appreciate the efforts made by endless communities working accross the WWW (stackoverflowsitegroundphp.net documentations to mention some) have proved themselves of great help in overcoming infinite hurdles in the way of making this project a grand success. We truly encourage such healthy and enthusiastic platforms.

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